A New Blog – Welcome

I heard it said some place that it sometimes helps to write down how you feel. To get it down on paper and ink. Truth be told, this does not for what you may be feeling or to help the problem in your life. For me it helps to think through my feelings and what is going on in my life, in almost a third person.

When we go through something, our emotions are high. Our fears, anger, regrets and uncertainty have our emotion in a spin. At this time, you can’t think. You cannot make good decisions. You can walk, talk and do everything else. When you are not thinking of your problem, it helps to think clearer. To not let the situation and the emotion that comes with it, to break you down to the point that you can be sick. You can get sick.

I struggled for some time. Do I start a blog or not? I created a website called Jenuwin (www.jenuwin.me) which was supposed to be about things that I like, what interests me, things I want to share. Lo and behold, it is a blog in a way. What I did not do here is write too many personal posts. I reposted articles and content that I found online, on Facebook and websites whenever I could. This is not enough. I have a story to tell, a story that I want to share. It might not get many readers, I might not become famous but right now, this is something that I need to do.

You may disagree. Speaking to a therapist or friend might do me some good. Blogging for me is not about talking to someone. It’s about saying what I have go to say about my life, the world around me and how I see it.

What had me waiting this long to start blogging is the part of my life that I keep secret. Everyone has a side to them that family sees, a different side that comes out at work or amongst friends. We all have that personal side that we keep to ourselves and show no one. I am not ready for people to see these private sides to me.  I am not sure how much I will open up about the things that I keep close to me.

We all have a part of our lives that deal with other people. We do not live on Earth alone in our own bubble. Whether you blog or not, what you say or how you say it online (social media) or in person can have an impact on you and the people that it concerns. After all, complaining about a loud neighbour is not going to go unanswered if they follow you online. And no, I do not have any loud neighbours (just clearing the air here J )

Welcome to my blog. I would like to write a minimum of 1 article or submit content at least once a day and more. If this is going to happen, I am not sure but I am going to give it all I have.


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