about me

I am me. I am jenuwin(no, that is not my real name). My opinions and thoughts are just that. Whats in my head. Nothing special. Nothing strange. Yeah right ! Well, that’s not the intention.

I was born in the mid 70s on the east coast of South Africa. I have 2 siblings, no pets, 1 mortgage, 1 car (paid off), lotsa acquaintances, not many friends, a few best friends.

I am a jack of all trade – master of few. The topics I write about and review are based on who I am, what I like  – what I would like to talk about. Like a friend that you have not seen in a while – and has to play catch up on the silliness of the world around us – that’s me.

Feel free to tell me what you think – what you would like to read more about and if I am full of myself. No restrictions.

Its great to see you on the site – feel free to stay a while and chat.

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