Canadian Blazing fire cannot stop strike action

It might be said that South Africans looking for a wage increase or better living conditions would sooner or later take part in a strike. It has become common-place for this to happen. If it has to do with education and not enough classes, books or teachers; wage increase for metal workers; wage increase or added benefits for government employees like postal services, waste removal and the like.

This did not stop when a local team of firefighters flew over to Canada about a week ago after a request from the Canadian government. A fire near Fort Murray raged out of control which lead to the Canadians asking for much needed help. 300 firefighters got on a plane and headed over there to help out. It is said that each firefighter had signed a contract as to how much they would be paid as a salary, as per diem for being out of the country and expenses during their stay.

It did not take them long to find out how much Canadian firefighters were being paid to do the same job they were there to help out on. Not only that but it seems that the Canadians were paying the SA government alot more per day per firefighter for the assistance. How much? SA firefighters were being paid $15 per day they worked in Canada and $35 per day worked once they returned to home as opposed to the $170 that the Canadians were paying for each firefighter per day.

The Canadians have spoken out to state that it is only fair that the SA team that has come over such a large distance to help out, and should be paid atleast the minimum wage of those firefighters living in the same region. As of today, it has been reported that the Canadian authorities have asked the SA firefighters to return home if they are not willing to work. So much for trying to get rid of the problem. Firefighters have aid that they will not leave Canada until they know they will be paid what they have asked for. In the meantime they are on strike.

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