Knowing your neighbourhood

In todays’ times, most people have a long commute to work. There is not much time that you would spend at home. I work from home, so for me this is a little different. Where I work is where I live. It still comes as a shock to me when I find out what goes on in my neighbourhood.

I drive pass the same locations day after day and would not know what happens on the other side of the fence. There could be a sale at the nearby stores, school fairs, community centre activities and more. So it came as a large surprised to me to see this article in the online website about a plane that crashed on my street earlier today.

When you watch the news and hear reports of a plane crash, you tend to imagine a big airline flight crashing to the ground with hundreds of people on board. Being close to Lanseria airport I do notice small aircraft flying overhead from time to time but nothing as close as this. I did not notice the crash and neither did I hear it.

This online website (branched out by the Randburg Sun newspaper which we get for free every Thursday in the complex we live in) is very useful in getting information sooner. Newspapers tend to select the content they publish so an online site is better as you get to read all the information you can.

Look for the newspaper in your area and find the online site. By joining / liking these pages on social media sites, you can be in touch with the goings on in your neighbourhood without much effort at all.

Read the article on the Randburg Sun website and view the pictures of the crash

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