Writers Block or What?

When I sit down to write something, there has to be a topic in mind. I start writing it, most of my articles are not too long and in most cases, I get the first draft done in-between other tasks, within a day. I then review it the next day, add a few things and take out others. I might even take out entire sections and rewrite it. When I am satisfied or should I say – when I am happy with the content and I have accomplished what I have intended, it gets published on 1 of my websites.

In the last few weeks, I have started article after article. I start, get a few paragraphs in and then end up deleting it. You see, I write about what is on my mind but more importantly, what I think people need to know about. What can I say that can help someone out there? I realise that what is going on in my life is not something that I am willing or happy to share. I have been tossing and turning about writing personal articles. Things concerning friends or family or how angry they make me or even the emotional roller-coaster I have had to go through for the last few months.

Even now, as I finished the last paragraph, I switched to checking my FaceBook profile. I am not happy about what I just wrote and I cannot figure out why. There is nothing wrong with it, the spelling is fine, everything makes sense. So what could it be?

I have returned to this article, 1 day after I started it. I am not sure where this blog will head or even if I have the strength and drive to make it work but I am willing to give it a try.

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